The Wedding of Galina and Craig



  1. cindy varni says:

    You two are a special couple! Your love is rare and true a wonderful example to follow.Seeing you in love made us want to be more loving toward each other its so infectious!

  2. Mindy and Ken Reese says:

    Congratzzzzzz to you both!!! Wishing you a wonderful Life together.
    Wishing You the Brightest of futures and Many open roads!!! Min and Ken

  3. Smadar Morris says:

    To my little Galitcha and Craig,

    I love you both and am so happy for the both of you. Galina life did not deal you an easy hand but I am fortunate enough to be part of your life for the past 20 years to know that that smile is so nice to see on your face again for that Craig I thank you. It was hard for me and Jay to accept all that happened earlier but we can both say from the bottom of our hearts we are truly happy for you both. Craig, Jay and I too like Elly were skeptical and apprehensive about your wedding but in the end we are both soooooooo happy for you two We love you both and Craig accept you fully and unconditionally into our lives. May you two have the happiness that Jay and I have. Much love and kisses Smadar and Jay

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